Add your rent to the Rental Registry, to help keep rents under control.

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Publishing your rent in the Rental Registry is your right as a tenant.

This page allows you to add your rent to the Rental Registry, anonymously and confidentially. Only details about your unit will be appear in the Registry, such as rent price and location. Your personal data will not be linked to this information and will not be made public.

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Rent Information

1 - Address

2 - Lease

How much is your rent at this address?

For example: Your accommodation is a 4 1/2, so you have 2 bedrooms

What year were you paying this rent?

3 - Identification

To register your rent, we have to verify it using an email address. This information is anonymized and will remain confidential (in other words, it won't be visible to anyone using the Rental Registry.)

Add my rent