About the Registry

The Rental Registry is an open data platform that aims to preserve affordability in the residential market by providing access to important rent information.

Free and secure, the Rental Registry platform allows you to:

  • Register a rent and other information about a unit being rented, such as monthly electricity charges, permission to have pets and other unit characteristics;

  • View all listed rents, which are derived from surveys and user listings;

  • Learn about your rights as a tenant in Ontario.

Designed by Vivre en Ville, a non-profit organization, the Registry is an initiative created in the public interest. While the platform data is crowdsourced, it was built to be implemented by a government and populated in the future with administrative data, such as from tax returns.

The Rental Registry complies with cybersecurity and user privacy standards to perform this function. In a sense, it is a platform a government could have ordered for itself. All that remains is for it to be adopted by an institution capable of ensuring its universal application.

By registering your rent in the Registry, you are helping to increase transparency in the residential market and ensure favourable rental conditions for all Ontario residents.

Register your Rent

The Rent Registry allows anyone to register their rent securely.

The information collected during registration is :

  1. the address of the unit;
  2. the cost of rent for a given period
  3. the size of the unit (number of bedrooms);
  4. An email address (which will be de-identified and encrypted)

You will be asked for other information regarding the terms of your lease and other demographic information, but these are all optional. You do not have to answer them to register your rent. 

Some of the questions on the form concern your household composition and characteristics. This information is collected for statistical purposes only and will never be made public.

View rents

The Rent Registry allows you to see the rent paid at a particular address at a specific time. To find this information, look at the map and search by address. 

If no information is available, no one has yet published data for that specific address. To function at its full potential, the Registry relies on a contribution of data to inform the rental history of all rental units in Ontario. So take advantage of this opportunity to register your rent!

If you have questions or comments, please get in touch with the Registry team.

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Register my rent

If you want to support the Registry and help balance the housing market, register a rental! It's safe, fast and easy.